A statue of a roe deer in the garden of Marabouparken, Sundbyberg

Visiting Sundbyberg

On a map of Sundbyberg you can easily see that half of the municipality is made up of wooded areas. The green areas are called Rissne ängar, Golfängarna, Lötsjön and Tornparken. Also, the Kymlinge area is now home to Igelbäcken nature reserve.

Care of the environment

Sundbyberg focuses a lot of its resources into care of the environment. It puts great emphasis now and for the future on recycling. Sundbyberg is a member of Sweden's ecological municipalities and strives to uphold terms agreed upon by those municipalities regarding environmental consciousness.

Worth seeing

Sundbyberg does not have castles or large estates however, it does have Rissne Gård (Rissne Manor) from the 17th century, which today has been transformed into an elegant restaurant. A stone's throw away by Rissne School is a Viking hill. It is one of the largest Thor´s Hammer rings in the country.

Marabou Park 

It is hard to find a more beautiful meeting place than Marabou Park. It is open for visitors during the summertime, and you are welcome to come and see the impressive collection of sculptures that are on display here.

A short history about Marabou

Marabou was established in Sundbyberg in 1916. In the 1920s a new employee cafeteria and office building were built amongst other things. About that same time a small garden was designed which formed the beginning of Marabou Park.

The park was designed by landscape architect Sven A. Hermelin. Over the years Marabou built up a considerable collection of sculptures, including works by major artists such as Bror Hjorth, Henri Laurens and Marino Marini.

The sculpture collection and the Marabou Park bear witness to the founder of Marabou, Henning Throne-Holst's conviction that access to art and pleasant surroundings would increase not only the well-being but also the productivity of his staff.

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