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Sundbyberg is a municipality with excellent public transportation. Here one can travel by many means: underground train, bus, commuter train, long distance train, automobile, and bicycle.

The underground metro from T-Centralen in Stockholm to Sundbyberg takes about twelve minutes. There are two blue line underground metros that pass through the municipality of Sundbyberg. In order to get to the city-centre, choose the number 10 blue line metro towards Hjulsta and get off at Sundbyberg Centrum.

Blue line number 11 towards Akalla will take you to Näckrosen and Hallonbergen stations both within the Sundbyberg municipality. Sundbyberg is well connected with roads that will take you to the two airports in the Stockholm metropolitan area.

Bromma Airport, with several commuter and feeder airline operations, is a short five minute journey from Sundbyberg. The main International Airport at Arlanda is about twenty minutes away from Sundbyberg. It is however advisable to allow for a good time margin if you are flying during the peak hours since the roads to both airports can be heavy with traffic during such times.

If one would want to bicycle from the centre of Stockholm, the most beautiful route to take is the one that passes by the castle of Karlberg and out by the Pampas marina. The long stretches of bike paths reach out to the water by Huvudsta beach.

There are large and efficient traffic arteries to and from Sundbyberg. One is Ulvsundavägen by Bromma Airport. Another is the E18 which is also known as Enköpingsvägen. This road is also accessible from the E4 northbound motorway.

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