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Civil marriage

It is possible to have a civil marriage performed and registered in the Municipality of Sundbyberg.

Marriage at the City Hall of Sundbyberg

An appointment for the ceremony can be scheduled with one of the Marriage Officiators. The appointment for a civil marriage can be made no earlier than two weeks after the day of booking with the marriage coordinator.

The ceremonies are held in a specially designed marriage room at the City Hall of Sundbyberg unless you have made another agreement with the Marriage Officiator. Civil Marriage is performed according to a special marriage format.

At every marriage two witnesses must accompany the couple. The names and addresses of the witnesses should be registered during the time of marriage booking. If the couple cannot arrange their own witnesses then two municipality employees will carry out the formalities unless the ceremony takes place at another location than the City Hall. The Marriage Counsellors represent the Municipality of Sundbyberg and are designated by Länsstyrelsenexternal link, opens in new window (the County Administrative Board).

Before the ceremony: Certificate for consideration of impediments to marriage

Any restrictions or hindrances to the civil marriage must be investigated and addressed in advance.

These investigations are conducted by Skatteverket (the Swedish tax authority) where you can order forms for these investigations. The form is jointly completed and submitted by the applicants to the address stated in the application.

For further information and to download the application form please visit the Swedish tax authority’s website.external link

A couple of weeks later you will receive the “Certificate for consideration of impediments to marriage" and a marriage certificate. Now you can contact any of the Marriage Officiators to book the ceremony. Some officiators are elected representatives holding political posts and others are municipality employees.

Gunilla Ehrenhorn (L) public representative
073-908 11 40
Speaks Swedish, English, German and French

Inger Gran (L) public representative
Speaks Swedish and English

Josefin Malmqvist (M) public representative
Speaks Swedish and English

If none of the these Marriage Officiators are able to perform the ceremony please contact Länsstyrelsenexternal link, opens in new window who can direkt you to other Marriage Officiators within the county.

When you’ve made your reservation, please submit both certificates you received from the Swedish tax authority to the Municipality of Sundbyberg at the following address:

Att: Kommunsekretariat och arkiv
Sundbybergs stad
172 92 Sundbyberg

Please notice that the Municipality need to get these certificates at least two weeks before the ceremony.

The ceremony

The ceremony takes place at the City Hall of Sundbyberg unless you have made another agreement with the Marriage Officiator. Please notice that if your ceremony is held at another location the Municipality cannot offer help with witnesses.

After the civil ceremony, a Certificate of Civil Marriage is issued by the presiding Marriage Counsellor. It is the responsibility of the Municipality there after to inform the tax authority that the marriage has been performed.

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