The municipality of Sundbyberg

Sundbyberg is the second most densely populated municipality in the country and yet, it is near to green areas, lakes, parks and enchanting cafés. Our modern office buildings with their fibre-optic networks, share the same area as restaurants and wooden manors from the previous century.

People have lived and worked in this area for over 2,000 years, but the present city of Sundbyberg was founded around a hundred years ago. Regardless of the type of communication mode, it is an easy and pleasant experience to meet in Sundbyberg.

The right place for Today and Tomorrow 

Five underground subway stations, long distance trains, a commuter train, buses, and a well-built road system make it easy to get to and from Sundbyberg. In about 10 to 20 minutes you can get to Stockholm city, which has the country´s largest concentration of workplaces and services. The efficient public transportation and good opportunities for entrepreneurs make Sundbyberg one of the country's most attractive places for both work and living.

A population of over 40,000 people, which will grow by 10,000 more in the coming years in an area of nine square kilometres, makes Sundbyberg the most densely populated municipality after Stockholm. On the small streets of central Sundbyberg, there are boutiques, restaurants, a post office, banks and other important services.

Central Sundbyberg is approachable by all means of transport and is the natural hub of business activity in the municipality. Cosy and gracious architecture, many outdoor meeting points, and a short walk to almost everything, gives Sundbyberg an atmosphere and charm of a modern small town. It is both convenient and enjoyable to meet in Sundbyberg.

The municipality's offices hours

The municipality's offices are open Monday to Friday. Some of the individual services and divisions have telephone hours. Also, there are services that are available on-call.

Senast uppdaterad 10 January 2018