Swedish for immigrants

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) is basic instruction course in the Swedish language and about the Swedish society and the basic values.

Introduction course/test

If you are on a beginner's level you will start with an introduction daytime course of six weeks. If you wish to study in the evening you will be summoned to a test by which the teacher will determine the level that is suitable for you.

Different study paths for different groups

  • Study path 1 (course A+B) is a slower path suitable if you had little or no formal education in your country.
  • Study path 2 (course B+C) proceeds at a normal study speed.  The course is suitable if you have a formal education from your country or if you have higher education but need to study at a slower pace.
  • Study path 3 (course C+D) is a faster course for you who are very used to studying and are able to work independently.
  • Evening classes are offered two evenings a week for you who do not have the possibility to study during daytime.  Please note: this applies only to study paths 2 and 3.

It is also possible to study SFI through an intensive course connected to earlier professions and occupations. You can read more about this if you follow the link "Svenska för yrkesutbildade"

The length of time each course takes is individual and depends on your earlier study background, previous knowledge and your skills in learning a new language.

Your SFI studies can end with a grade from SFI, level B, C or D.  The grade from D can give you eligibility to study Swedish as a second language at the adult grade school level.  If you don't achieve a passing grade in SFI you will receive a certificate stating the language level you have reached.


In order to begin studying SFI in Sundbyberg you must be registered in Sundbyberg and you must have received the last four digits in your personal code number

Applications to SFI can be made the year around.  With your application you must always turn in a birth certificate which you can get from the tax authorities (Skatteverket).

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